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Why a Control Framework or Internal Audit?
In order to reach your targets you identify and quantify risks and opportunities. You need the right structure and processes and not least, adequate reporting. In Audit speak, you need a “fit for purpose Control Framework” Carbon Matters designs and installs such control frameworks or alternatively audits them. Risk based Internal auditing follows the Institute of Internal Auditors ( IIA), ISO and WRI explicit standards and processes. This approach drives an evidence based assessment of the suitability of the control framework for achieving the objectives related to sustainability as set for your organisation. Compliance to applicable regulations is part of the scope.

Audit setup
The core of an audit is the testing of the design- and operating effectiveness of controls around identified risks and the resulting likelihood of achieving the business' sustainability objectives. Sustainability is wider than just GHG emission control and reporting. The end product is the audit report with findings, level of assurance and action points for the organisation to mend identified gaps.

Optional pre-audit scan
In case there is doubt whether or not an organization is ready for a full scope internal audit we offer a pre-audit scan to test this. A scan is done in a week by two professionals and work done during the scan can be used in the full scope audit. This eliminates the risk of lining up a full team and incurring costs only to find out that information is incomplete or the organization/control framework is not yet mature enough.

Example of a control framework
Control Frameworks can and will differ depending on the organisations objectives and exposures.
In case an audit is not yet appropiate, Carbon Matters can design and instal a fit for purpose and auditable Control Framework for your organisation.


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