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‘Carbon Matters’ is data driven. A factual analysis of your carbon emission performance is the starting point. Current position and future improvement need to be compared to a reference point in order to be meaningful. Your footprint forms the base for this. Sustainability performance is wider than just carbon emissions however. In the overall drive to lower carbon emissions and other sustainability criteria you need to be able to demonstrate what your starting point is in order to get the credit you deserve.

In delivering our products we work in teams of subject matter experts (content and methodology). The customer is present in all these teams whether it is carbon foot printing, auditing or other. Before any action is proposed, the cost and benefits of these actions will be made explicit; dependent on request these will be provided and ranked with priority for actions based on impact, NPV and payout time required.

All work undertaken will be in accordance to explicit international standards (WRI/ISO/other) as prevailing at the time.


carbonmatters. new energy drives profit through reduction