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The expertise and core proposition of Carbon Matters is profitable CO2 reduction. We support you in achieving sustainability business targets. This proposition is offered to you through three products.

  • CO2 Footprint and Benchmark
  • Profitable Carbon abatement options and quantified business cases
  • Implementation- or internal audit of the control framework
Carbon Management is the primary focus. Our product base is driven by economics, not by subsidies or other uncertain incentives. Sustainability is wider then just Carbon Management hence we include environmental and social aspects when relevant for your supply chain. We ensure that our proposals for improvement match current legislative requirements and have flexibility to be adapted in line with future directives.

If ever there was a time to capitalise on sustainable development as business opportunity it is now.In case you think to benefit from external expert advice please contact us today. We offer you support based on:

  • Subject matter expertise and know-how
  • Longstanding experience in process industry
  • Integration of technical aspects and delivery of a control framework

carbonmatters. new energy drives profit through reduction