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The primary target segments for Carbon Matters are the process and service Industry in Western Europe. Secondary target segments are power generation and agriculture to the extent it generates power.

Our main expertise is based on the chemical process industry/ refining. Profitable energy- and CO2 emission reduction techniques stemming from this segment are applicable in many other industries including service industry and semi public organisations such as port authorities, drinking water production and purification activities.

Whatever process is your business; if it consumes energy and emits CO2 we encourage you to contact us for an exploratory discussion.

Building related Energy en Carbon emission reduction

Business processes can be closely related to the building in which the organisation is accommodated as for instance musea. Very specific internal climate conditions may be prescribed and operated stemming from risk analysis for the collection at display. New buildings can and sometimes are constructed to allow energy neutral operation. More complex are the challenges for existing, often monumental, buildings.

Whatever the chosen solution it is always of paramount importance to define the end target and use natural moments in time to execute steps towards the target. Planned maintenance, refurbishments and specifically modifications to the building are the right moments to implement energy saving measures. Floor heating costs practically nothing when scheduled at the same time when a new floor is required, same for low temperature wall heating.

Ever thought of using solar heat for cooling? When the cooling is required the sun heat is normally available, why use electricity if and when free solar power is available? Let us discuss what we can do for you.


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