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CO2-Footprint vs. Benchmark
Based on the CO2 Footprint and relevant benchmark data we will analyze the results for your organization against comparable data representative for your peers in industry (your segment). The result of this analysis, together with the study premises will lead us to the definition of key Areas for Improvement (prioritized areas for focused analysis).

Development of options for improvement
We distinguish 5 improvement categories
1) Reduce energy/ Water/ Other consumption
2) Renewable energy - own generation on site
3) Renewable energy purchase externally
4) Supply Chain- and process efficiency improvements
5) Compensation of remaining emissions

Low carbon options: Cost impact and economics
Using our CO2 footprint models we will run impact analyses for any proposal that has been generated. Cost and margin data for relevant improvement proposals will be reviewed. If requested we calculate the integrated economics for any proposal in terms of NPV and pay-out time, wwithin the premised economic boundary conditions. As a result we can supply you with a full business case in support of the proposed options for improvement.


Economic Impact
CO2 abatement can be expressed in costs as demonstrated above or can represent an attractive Net Present Value in their own right. NPV's for abatement options evaluated as less attractive, can be addressed when conditions become more favourable or can be compensated. For specific Carbon Matters Compensation options please contact us.


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